In Case You Did Not Know

It’s true and I know I don’t mention it much but other than being an author and blogger I am also a public speaker. Yes, I have been know to get behind the mike espousing truths to all that will hear.

Now, while I often speak at church services in forums that include revivals, anniversaries and the like I answer to just good old-fashioned preaching and teaching. I also provide lectures, workshops and many other speaking venues. But my services are not for churches alone. If your company needs a speaker on such issues as diversity and ethics I will do my all to answer the call.

And if you want to know more about me I will be brief but you can learn more about me on my website. Even so I was saved at the age of seventeen, worked in the church in nearly every position to my present associate pastor. Further academia has found its way on my resume. I hold an A.A. in Business, a B.S. in Religion, M.A.R. in Biblical Studies and an M.Div in Pastoral Ministries. It is my hope one to to acquire that elusive doctorate.

Now, you know how to contact me and you know that all my work is premised upon the Word of God so I am on the standby to aid you in that I can.

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