Perfect Harmony

It is not common practice for me to write book reviews. While I have written a few academically I have never written one outside the purview of academic scrutiny. Still, I must put forth some insight concerning the work of Mark and Rebecca Johnston called The Last Breakup.

Pianos are very sophisticated instruments. They can be played in any key with any genre of music. A skilled pianist has the ability to make the instrument talk or hum, whatever his desire. This is despite the fact of the opposing black and white keys. The keys represent not only different notes but also different octaves. Played wrongly, the piano can sound like a wild cat screeching in the night. Yet, skillfully played the piano keys work in perfect harmony. This is also the case with marriage – rightly played marriage is the most beautiful relationship on earth. Wrongfully played the diametrically opposed keys are sufficient to cause severe pain.

Mark and Rebecca have chosen to share the pain of their marriage in this eye-catching work. It is not a book of marital counseling. It is a work that shows the emotional ups and downs of a marriage doomed to destruction because it was being played without regard to the wisdom of one who knows well the skill it takes to rightly play a marriage. The emotional roller coaster not only nearly caused the breakup of a marriage but could have destroyed not only those in the marriage but also those closely linked to the marriage.

But then, because of the brokenness of Mark and Rebecca there came unexpected players in the picture. While the emotive aspects of a badly played marriage sought to destroy what God joined together the unexpected inevitable master of teaching became paramount in the lives of those knowing nowhere else to turn. But for the grace of God, the last breakup would not be permanent.  Instead, it would be the impetus for planting the foundation for a lovely union.

As you read The last Breakup turn off the TV and get in a quiet place. The transparency and vulnerability are refreshing as Mark and Rebecca reflect on their last breakup and what caused healing in the face of brokenness.

The Last Breakup