Careful About Those Tables

     There are some words we never forget. Parental warnings are among those words we hold on to for dear life. One such warning was against eating from everyone’s table. This is because we often don’t know how the food is prepared. We don’t know if animals have been sniffing around the food. Perhaps the preparer’s hands were dirty and good hygiene was no part of the equation. No matter the reasoning the warning stands against eating from everyone’s table. It could cost you your life.

     The same is true of the Bride of Christ. The Bride can ill afford to eat from the table of the enemy. The Bride must eat from the table of the Groom. Eating from His table serves to bring about healing and reconciliation. This is the very point made by Tamika N. Mathis in her book Come Back Church: The Resuscitation of the Bride of Christ. Mrs. Mathis uses her pen to beckon the Bride of Christ away from tables of destruction to the table of healing. She beckons away from the tables of division and points to the table of unity.

     With that, pour a cup of coffee and get your Bible. Come sit at the table and walk with Mrs. Mathis as she unpacks deceptions accepted in the Church. Get your pen and pad and take notes as the covers are pulled off tables and harmful foods are exposed. Come with your eyes opened and ears poised to receive what is set before you as the nutrition from the groom’s table breathes into you and revives your spirit. Come back, Church, to standards of the Groom.

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