A Call to Civility

This year, 2020, has been one tumultuous year. Brother has been turned against brother. Vitriol has been created by the media and lies have become the order of the day. Our cities have been looted and burned over partial and inaccurate information. Now, there are threats of violence if the wrong person wins the election.

With this, I must issue a rare admonishment. No matter who wins this election violence will not change the results. It is time we returned to civility. The name-calling because of different points of view has gotten way out of hand. Threats of harm have risen to levels I have never seen in my life. All this is unnecessary, sophomoric, and does little to promote healing and reconciliation.

It is not my role to tell anyone how to vote and I will not come close to doing that. Each person should, however, lay aside personal subjective feelings and examine the facts. Vote in accordance with the Constitution. Vote for the one who will support and defend the Constitution. Look at the facts objectively without regard to feelings and innuendo.

Moreover, this is a country founded on the premise of freedom and is highlighted in our founding documents. Use that freedom to vote. Use the freedom to properly redress the government. Use that freedom to lift each other rather than giving way to repugnant vitriolic rhetoric which serves only to increase division. If your candidate wins it would do well to shake the hand of your opponent. If your candidate loses it would do well to shake the hand of your opponent. More importantly, we would all do well to be thankful to the Almighty who has allowed us to live in a land where we can openly adore Him. Let us keep it that way.

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