Diametrically Opposed


There are just some things that have to be taken personally. For instance, when one goes on to marry another it is not for the benefit of the population at large rather marriage is a matter that is personally relative to those involved. Marriage is a matter of personal relationship and dedication between one man and one woman. It is a matter of personal choice to which both parties should be diametrically opposed to interference from any and all other forces. This is much like the relationship between Christ and the Church.

     The relationship between Christ and the Church becomes even more personal considering the relationship between Christ and the individuals that make up the Church. It is a choice made by the individuals and Christ. It is a matter of personal choice. Yet there seems to be many that would like to intrude on the relational aspects enjoyed…

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One thought on “Diametrically Opposed

  1. Joy Cehlar

    ​Good one! All those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution; who’d have thought that we’d suffer persecution even from the liberal branch of Christianity? But proclaiming Christians are siding with the homosexuals against the more conservative Christians. When we can’t count on other Christians to stand for the Bible, then we have become a house divided against itself, and we cannot stand for very long without unity in our ranks.

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