2 thoughts on ““No” is Not a Curse Word

  1. Joy Cehlar

    I love the title!!! When my daughter was growing up and I would say “No,” she would ask me why I was saying “no”. First of all, I would say, “Because I can”. The next snappy answer was “I like the sound of it…Noooooo! Nooooo!” 😎​ Yes, my daughter would get upset, but laugh in spite of herself, because hey! I’m funny. I try to tell others that have a hard time with this word how to practice saying “NO!” I like that you defined the different types of stress. A very good message! Over worked parents often say “yes” because they’re just too tired to fight. The world had already beaten them up before they got home. Children become spoiled because parents are too tired to set and reinforce boundaries and they tend to buy their kids “guilt gifts” to make up for having to work so many hours, robbing them of time with their children (who grow up too fast). I was a single parent (not by choice) and it was hard! But God was with me even before I surrendered to Him. I told my daughter that I was accountable to God for how I raised her. Joy

    1. Thanks Joy. Also, thanks fr your insight. I think my kids heard “no” so much they thought I wanted to take all their fun. In reality I was trying to protect us all. I now have some wonderful young adults. Yea, it is OK to say “no.”

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