The Bride

The Bride


Daniel Weldegebriel

If I told you she was a whore would you still want her

If I told you she was an escort would you still love her

What if I told you she had a proclivity to pursue promiscuity

For the purpose of adultery at the expense of her purity?

Let me tell you her story

She woke up that morning and sold herself into prostitution

Nothing new to her just another day to pursue her addiction

Daddy wasn’t around so all she wants is someone’s attention

Wishing, seeking, hoping that she’ll capture a man’s affection

So he pulled over the car and rolled down the window

He told her to get in…he’d find a place for them to go

Her body said yes but her heart screamed NO

She silenced that voice she just wanted that dough

She never felt so alone and felt as cold as the snow

How could she do anything else it’s all that she would know

Never thought she’d stoop so low she felt stuck like a stone

Underneath the ground like a pile of dead and rotting bones

If I told you she was a whore would you still want her

If I told you she was an escort would you still love her

He woke up that morning and realized she wasn’t in bed

How could she be missing? Was she kidnapped or is she dead?

He put his clothes on and started driving around town

Checking every neighborhood searching like frantic bloodhound

He didn’t bother calling the cops because he had a sinking suspicion

That his wife had gone back to giving her body up for sexual exploitation

Among men who would use their money to abuse her again

Nothing’s changed since he first met her she’s the same now as she was then

There she was again where he found her when this all began

same spot same time another day another dollar for her

As she worshiped at the altar of pleasure with other adulterers

And to his horror he saw the man approach her like a predator & stalker ready to use that dollar to make his offer for her dishonor and do what was improper like a lamb led to slaughter

He had a moment to think about what he would do next

He could divorce her and leave her and she would be his ex

This was all her doing so he wouldn’t have to pay alimony checks

No-fault-divorce she exchanged monogamy for sex, adultery the cause divorce could be the effect


This husband being rich in mercy decided He would redeem his broken wife

He had made his decision and didn’t care if it cost him his whole life

He would pursue this woman until the end regardless of all the strife he would have to endure to see his wife made pure

He would pull her out of manure he would fight to see her mature

Into the beautiful classy woman made whole and perfectly secure

In her identity as a wife who’s had the filth of her adultery

washed away by the grace of her husband who loved her perfectly until the end

And so He got out of the car and stepped toward the street corner

He approached his wife’s pimp it was hell this was torture

The pimp demanded a price to be paid to have his wife back

His wife would cost him everything the choice was black and white, white and black

He sold all that he had, emptied the bank accounts, & cashed in the 401K

It was financial suicide, and his wallet screamed mayday

But there was simply no price this husband wasn’t willing to pay

He handed the man what was owed and bought her back that same day

She couldn’t look him in the eye but He grabbed her hand and they walked away

Her heart hammered and she was scared that he would never forgive her

They walked through the door and she couldn’t hold it back any more

And the tears began to pour, she fell to the floor and the wailing became desperate roars

Of a woman broken and torn beaten and worn looking to be restored

By the man who swore that he would move forward for richer or for poorer

Despite the fact that she was indeed a whore

She expected his anger she expected his hate

How could He love her in this desperate state?

He picked her face up from the puddle of snot and tears

He looked her in the eye and saw her internal fears

He could smell men’s cologne, sweat, and last nights beers

And he said one sentence that made everything clear

It is finished.

He saw her as spotless and unblemished

She was His forever she would never be punished

All pain All sorrow was completely extinguished

Beneath the gaze of her Husband whose love was relentless

And If I told you she was a whore would you still want her

And If I told you she was an escort would you still love her

If I told Him she was a whore He would still want her

If I told Him she was an escort He would still love her

You see this story is true because it’s about me and you

Let me tell you the Good News about Christ and His Boo

His Boo is the church and she’s not perfect she’s unfaithful

Though He paid the price for her sin she’s faithfully ungrateful

Known for leaving Christ and walking in betrayal

Satisfied with lesser pleasures at the expense of the True Treasure

That Treasure being Christ and His presence in her life

Always looking for a happiness that could only be found in her maker

Ever wonder why you have that constant aching and longing?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling, it’s that part of you thats dying and decaying

As you pursue everything but the King and as you do you find yourself bleeding and hemorrhaging internally, wishing and seeking,hoping and craving for the one thing that will satisfy your aching

Shhhhh… Come all who are weary and heavy laden

No need to go alone carrying that heavy burden

That One Thing You need is Jesus The King

Come Home

He’s been Waiting

No need to Hide

You’re His Bride

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