2 thoughts on “The Unadulterated Truth

  1. Joy Cehlar

    Excellent, Bill! I believe I told you some time ago that I read a book by former Muslims, called “Christian Jihad” (Emir and Ergon Caner). Muslims equate Christians with the Catholic Church. The book is excellent, because it delves into the pathos of religion. What draws a person to a certain “religion”? What tenets appeal to a person?​ What is the incentive? The Catholic Church raised an army of illiterate, common folks with the promise of gaining heaven. (Christendom’s “dirty little secret’?) I found the book utterly fascinating and *not to be read by a baby Christian*! Have a nice weekend!

    1. True Joy. There is much about historical Catholicism that is little known and much more about Islam that many dare not repeat. I guess I have to be the one to expose the “dirty little secrets.” You should also know that when I studied Apologetics at Liberty Ergon Caner was my instructor.

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