Week One of the CPE Journey: Presence

The week started off with a quiet bang. I was quickly reminded of the text in I Kings chapter eight wherein the glory of the Lord was revealed in a cloud. The cloud was such that the people were not able to stand by reason of the cloud. In fact the presence of the Lord was in the place where the people came to worship. The worship brought in the closeness of the Lord thereby creating a presence that would not allow the people to remain upright.

This was the idea presented in the first worship service for the chaplain residents and interns at Huguley Hospital. The basic premise is that in order to bring about healing and other ministerial acts there needs to be a closeness by which the recipient is able to feel the love of Christ through His servants. It is impossible to have such a presence unless one is in the room. It is in presence that healing takes place. It is in presence that comfort is made. This is the presence that brings the sin sick soul to a place repentance, healing and deliverance.

I am reminded of one lady I was allowed to minister to. She is oppressed with depression. As she began to speak it became more than evident that there were deep seated hurts that had been there for some time. When I took occasion to pray for her the welling of her tears were such that it was impossible for the tears not to come pouring down her face. This was because all this lady needed to know was that she was loved not only by humanity but also that the ever-present God of the universe counted her to be much.

There was another lady today on staff of the hospital who saw herself as less than worthy. As some of my co-laborers and I were “blessing hands’ today there stood off to the side this lovely young lady who saw herself as just a linen worker. I took time to let her know that she was just as important as everybody else and that she, too, was welcomed to have her hands “blessed.” So she came and I cannot express the gratitude this young lady showed.

The point that I am seeking to express is that most seem to think that it takes wondrous works to help the downtrodden. Sometimes all it takes is a mere presence. Sometimes people just need to know that they are loved and appreciated. It does not take much simply to be present for those that need just one person to let them know that they are loved. So, as I journey through this journey of CPE training I will endeavour to be present with those in need so that the glory of our Lord can rest on His people. As I am present professionally perhaps you can be present in the life of that one that just needs an encouraging word, a hug or a simple pat on the back. Yes, it is time we all became a bit more present.

Summer Group 2014

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