Faith and the Faithfulness of God

     It has been way to long since I posted an article. That was not because I have nothing to say or write but rather because my life has been filled with one thing and then another. My down time had to be down time or my head would have been so full of stuff that my body would not have been able to handle it. This is not to say that things have been bad for me; actually the converse is true. The reason I have not posted, at least in part, is because of the things that God has allowed in my life for the preparation of my future.

     For a number of years now it has seemed that all my work would be for naught. Many things went well against the way I thought they should be. Yet God knew of the work He had for me. He knew that I had to endure certain things and that I would not give up on my confidence in Him. This confidence is the “faith” factor I often make reference to. You see, faith is not a simple feeling rather it is absolute confidence that God will do what He said He would do. That is God’s faithfulness to us; that is God is dedicated to our wellbeing.

    Several years ago I endured some personal tragedies. I lost more than I am will to mention in this forum but that it should be known that my looses were severe and devastating. Yet God found reason to remain with me in that His Word promised that He would never leave nor forsake me. And He did not. I was also promised that I would recover more than I lost. That recovery would not only be a blessing to me but that it would also be an amazement to those that sought my demise. This is why I have been able to maintain my confidence and trust in Him. Despite the disappointments of the past years I have been able to shake the dust off my back and push forward. Some of those accomplishments can be found on my Linkedin page Still, my accomplishments are not by my hand per se rather by the hand and will of God.

     With that in mind it should be noted that I have been applying for jobs nearly across the continent for over two years. There were many disappointing responses and some who did not respond at all. Yet perseverance is key when trusting God. There will be disappointments as well as blessings.  Both serve to not only under gird the truth of God as well as build faith and confidence in the believer. So, I had to use both to my benefit. Yes, I had to laugh and cry. Elation sometimes occurred while dejection tried to rear its ugly head. Nonetheless faith had to stand with the promises of a faithful God.

     Last week Thursday I was blessed with the opportunity to interview for a position in Fort Worth, Texas. It was an hour long interview with four interviewers. The chief interviewer promised a return call the next day. While I awaited her call I was already planning on making that move. I began to research living and other matters that are important to relocating. God remained working in the background and Friday evening around 6:00 P.M. I received the promised call and was offered the position. I accepted.

     My point is that God is faithful to the faithful. Be encouraged and let nothing deter you from the promises of God. Some will ridicule you as some have me. Others will do what they can to derail you. Do not let these things stop you from being faithful to faithful God. No, it will not be easy so just know that God is faithful that promised.

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