Obama Removes ‘God’ From Gettysburg Address

The Freedom Fighter

Washington DC talk show host Chris Plante reported today that Barack Obama omitted the words “under God” from the Gettysburg Address when reciting the great speech for a Ken Burns documentary.

Burns had filmed all living presidents as well as various Hollywood personalities and luminaries to pay homage to the speech which was delivered by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago, today.

Plante broke the story on Washington DC talk radio station WMAL on his mid-morning program, “The Chris Plante Show.”

WMAL reports:

Curiously enough, in his version of the speech, President Barack Obama’s delivery contained an omission – in a line that every other celebrity delivered as “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom,” the President left out the words “under God.”

The video of Obama’s rendition of the speech can be seen below. It is unlisted (for now) on the Ken Burns YouTube page.

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6 thoughts on “Obama Removes ‘God’ From Gettysburg Address

  1. loopyloo305

    He really has trouble saying the words doesn’t he? He can say it when he is trolling for money or trying to convince people that he is like them, but not for history. He wants history to know he doesn’t believe doesn’t he? God bless you Pastor Carter


    1. It is hard to believe in someone you do not trust in. It is evident that our President is not a Christian and other evidences show that he has some disdain for our country. By extension he can give homage to neither. This is why our country is in such turmoil. Ungodly leaders make for ungodly countries.

      Thank you so much!!!


  2. Dee

    I know that it is time for America and countries of the world to take their eyes off of man and place there eyes on Jesus. We are never suppose to put our trust in man–No matter who he/she is! Our trust must always be in God.

    Sometimes I believe we give to much credit to the President of this country and not enough credit to the way we as Christians live, and what it is we should be doing to promote change in our communities and win souls for the Kingdom of God. What I mean by that is, if we as believers will do the Word of God and pray for our leaders as commanded in Timothy, God will speak from Heaven and give direction to us as a nation. There is nothing new under the sun. We are in the Grace dispensation and it is time for all believers to trust in the Lord and lean not to our own understanding. Blessings, Dorcas


  3. He can–and has–removed God’s Name from other treasured American icons as well, but he can’t remove God. He can replace God’s Name with Allah when he’s brave enough, but he can’t remove God.

    God, however, can remove him.


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