Call to Repentance

     Many in our nation wonder why there have been little to no success not only in their personal lives but also in the nation at large. The economy is worse than it has been since the Great Depression. Immorality is on the rise and violence seems to be the order of the day in many of our cities. Yet a cursory look at the spiritual condition of not just the citizens at large but also at the political leaders clearly shows that there is a pulling from God in exchange for ungodly persuasions that seek only to further the work of our common enemy.

     This phenomenon is not new to mankind. Recall the books of Chronicles wherein regal recounting of the events of God’s people showed most of the kings of Israel operated outside the law of God.  As a result of these ungodly actions Israel fell into sin on a number of levels. Despite the sins of a nation Solomon had enough regard that he humbled himself in prayer as he reflected on the promises God made to his father David. Yet Solomon did not pray secretly but as the leader of a nation he prayed before the people. The prayer of Solomon is recorded in II Chronicles chapter six.

     God responded to Solomon’s prayer in II Chronicles chapter seven. While Solomon sought God’s blessings earlier God promises to uphold His Word. However there were conditions to God’s blessings and those conditions are noted in II Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

     One action that stands out in God’s requirements is that the people of God “turn from their wicked ways.” To turn from wicked ways means to repent of those ways. The first step to repentance is to first acknowledge that there are wicked ways. Wickedness is abominable and pulls from the holiness of God. Psalm fifty-one is an excellent example of acknowledging the evil that men often indulge in. Yet the simple acknowledgement of our sinful nature is sufficient to begin the road to healing and the ultimate turning from sin which is the catalyst of true repentance.  With this it is evident that God called His people to repentance.

     After the repentance the promise is that there would be a healing of the land. While many may see this healing as the healing of the earth there is no doubt that the spirit of mean dwells in earthen vessels. And if man dwells in earthen vessels and God will forgive the sin and heal the land then it can be extended to say that there will be healing in the bodies of those that seek after God while turning from sinful lifestyles. This healing can be further extended to the idea of not only bodies being healed but also reconciliation cannot be ignored as a consequence of repentance. Acts 3:19:

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

The idea of sins being blotted out might be counted synonymous with healing. When sins are no longer present then the people of God are placed in a right relationship with God. With this right relationship in place the people of God can then enjoy Messianic blessings that extend from healing refreshment.

     Yet there are many that continue in sin thinking that they can simply make a verbal request for forgiveness only because they want to be forgiven for wrongdoings even while there is neither change of heart nor change of actions. But shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid! God is not fooled by pretentious words of false remorse. Neither do truculent attitudes of self-righteousness move Him. Rather God is moved by a contrite spirit coupled by humility.  

     Even so there are many that continue in wickedness. For instance there a number of people that see reason to lie to suit their own benefits. Repentance is necessary. Others have sought divorce against undeserving spouses. Repentance is necessary. Thieves need also to repent as well as truce breakers and gossipers. Whatever thing that is in your life that is not pleasing to God needs to be exterminated while we pull closer to the majesty of God. And when this is done there will be forgiveness, there will be right standing and there will be the healing of our land.  


My prayer of Repentance


Heavenly Father, I come before you asking you to forgive me of any evil way that is found in me. Father, I want to serve you with all my heart and want nothing more than to be in good standing with you. I am truly sorry for any thought that I did not take into captivity. I did not mean to utter hurtful words to anyone. Neither did I mean to misrepresent your love. I am so very sorry for any that I may have misled. I did not mean to.

Father, I am also asking your forgiveness for not being the witness you have called me to be. Sometimes my attitude is not acceptable and there are times when I just don’t listen. I am sorry and ask that you create in me a more perfect heart.

 Thank you so much for your forgiveness.

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  2. Years ago, as a church, we memorized “If My people . . .” in preparation for revival meetings. The verse touched our hearts, being recited aloud week after week in our regular services, that the revival was almost anitclimatic. God’s Word is always powerful.

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