Apologies and Thanksgiving

Greetings Friends and Wonderful Followers,

These past couple weeks I have not spent a lot of time on Word Press or on any other social medium for that matter. I have been quite a bit for the church as well as working on some other projects. This coupled with the fact of not a lot of sleep meant that I was not functioning at a level best for good discussions. However, it is my hope that within the next few days I will have posted another essay which brings to light the wonders of God via The Christian Perspective. Likewise it is my hope that my overview on Deuteronomy was one that catapulted the faithful into further study of the “Second Law.”

Now, you should know also that I am working on a personal project that will be a major plus to my professional life. While I am not at liberty to broadcast what I am doing publicly I can say that it has much to do with ministry. With that I ask all that are able to reach the throne room by way of supplication to intercede on my behalf. I am in great need of this change in that it will be beneficial on a number of levels. Thank you in advance for your sincere prayers.

Also, I would like to thank all that are faithful to this blog and I bid you all well as you work tirelessly to bring Jesus to a lost and broken world.    

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