3 thoughts on “Deuteronomy: Holiness Through Worship

  1. I think my “friend” Larry is trying to engage me in an argument not suitable for this or any other forum. I mean this rant, posted twice on my blog, is longer than the actual blog. Cheeze. 🙁

  2. Aloha, We live in Makiki near Roosevelt High School. I grew up in Kaneohe, moved to Kailua where I graduated from high school, met my husband at the UH and ended up in the city.

    The long-winded guy reminds me of a friend’s husband at the Nu’uanu YMCA where we exercise, whom I learned to avoid. He, too has some kind of ‘religious spirit’ and once he gets going will tell you all about the history of the Roman Catholic Church, Holy wars, etc., etc. never stopping to pause and catch his breath.

    Keep up your fine teachings! I am still reading Deuteronomy since reading your post and hope to develop a post when I get done.

    God bless you more, as they say in the Philippines!


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