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Every once in while I think to prudent to give honor to whom honor is due. In this case I would like to lift in high esteem the nonprofit Rebuilding Together Baltimore. The reason I want to highlight this agency is because last week a number of volunteers from the agency found themselves on my block in Baltimore. But they did not come making a ruckus and disturbing the neighborhood. Instead they came with great respect and a mind to work.


Let me explain. My neighborhood was once thriving with life and full of vitality. But time had taken its toll and many of the aging homes have fallen to disrepair. Making matters worse a number of the homeowners have either abandoned their properties, are unable to maintain them or have died (as is the case with my mother). The result was that some parts of the neighborhood have become less than desirable. But this was not to deter Rebuilding Baltimore Together. They came in a cars and trucks. A port-a-potty was placed next door to my home, tents were erected and the work began.


Here is the thing that I am most astonished about. While it would appear that Rebuilding Together Baltimore would be concerned only with the two homes they came to work for that was not the case. They came quickly and quietly respecting not only the targeted homeowners but their properties and the community at large. They did not simply do repairs to the homes but they cleaned surrounding areas of all manner of debris. It is something they did not have to do but something they did nonetheless. In fact they left the area in better condition than they found it.


Rebuilding Together Baltimore  is a testament to what private citizens can do once they come together. Now, I do not know if any of the workers were Christians but they certainly performed Christ like services by helping those that has need of help. My hat is off to www.rtbaltimore.org  and I bid them well as they continue to work with a mind to work.

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