Perpetual Thanksgiving

It is official, the day set aside to give thanksgiving is over. Turkey has been eaten and potatoes mashed. Pies and cakes have been devoured causing many to sit back in easy chairs unable to move in that gluttony has taken over thanksgiving allowing only for deep breathing and occasional sighs of relief as the mounds of food finally settle within the bodies of many. 

Now, there is no suggestion here that there should be no enjoyment of things God has provided for us. But the real attitude of Thanksgiving has little to do with the plenteous foods now being stored in refrigerators and freezers. In fact I would venture to say that attitudes of thanksgiving actually fall short of the meals that we eat. 

Let me explain. When I woke this morning it was more than evident that I did not wake under my own power. In fact I am sadly reminded of a gentleman who lived across the street from me. You see he went to the hospital for a kidney transplant. While I understand the surgery was initially a success things began to go wrong. Things went so bad medically that this gentleman crossed into eternity this past Tuesday. You see, I have much to be thankful for.

Not only did I rise this morning but I rose with a sound mind. Some have not that luxury. Even more I rose with no sicknesses and able to move without the aid of a walking stick. Some have not this blessing. Even more my children are well and growing in prosperity (and I mean not merely monetarily). Many do not share my testimony.

My point to this brief missive is simple. Thanksgiving is not merely a temporary utterance of words said to God just before we dive into well prepared meals rather it is the recognition of God and Who He is. But thanksgiving still goes well beyond that. The fact is that God loved man so much that He sent His only Son to die for us. Immanuel loved us so much that He gave His life so that we could live. And as I pen these words I can think of a multiplicity of reasons for which to be thankful which have nothing to do with cranberry sauce nor the fatted pig. Yet if I were to enumerate upon the goodness of God in my life I suppose that I could fill volumes. So, I will not start in on my testimonies at this point rather I will simply say please do not give up on offering thanksgiving to God merely because the end of a formal holiday has arrived rather  have a perpetual attitude of thanksgiving for which God will be pleased and receive as a sweet smelling savour.

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