Righteous Indignation

The other day I unapologetically posted the fact that I utilized my right and privilege to vote for freedom. And while I well know that freedom is costly I had no idea that my vote would end up being another vote cast away. My vote for freedom had much to do with freedom to celebrate Christianity without the encroachment of government. Yet the more I consider the outcomes of yesterday’s elections the more angry I become.

Let’s take for instance the idea that the government is now making “religious” institutions provide not only birth control but also provide abortions to any female that so desires. Well, pardon me but it seems to me that if we follow the Word of God we might not need many of these particularly when we consider a great many pregnancies occur outside the confines of marriage. There is no one that will argue that abstinence is one hundred percent effective in preventing pregnancies. Moreover abortions are wrong by reason of the fact that they are the taking of innocent human lives. It is for this reason that my righteous indignation is being stoked.

Even closer to home the State of Maryland is beginning to hold fast to immorality under the guise of being compassionate. My vote for freedom went unheard so the idea of same-sex marriage is now legal.  How can the people of Maryland ignore the clear mandate of the Creator of man and beast who made woman for the man? He did not provide any reasoning for same sex creatures (including mankind) yet man is thumbing his nose at the Most High God. It is for this reason my righteous indignation is becoming all the more emboldened.

The fact of the matter is that I am a preacher (prophet in one sense) that must declare the truths of the Word of God. Even while I fully believe that revival is coming to this land I also know that the enemy is working not only in the background but he is on the front lines doing his all to tear down the Kingdom of God. Well, as long as God gives me breath in my body I will preach the Gospel and if there are consequences so be it. Let God be true and every man be a liar. Yes, my indignation has been stoked but I will use the opportunity to preach and warn about the impending danger if this nation does not return to the principles by which it was founded.

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