Today I Voted For Freedom

Because the State of Maryland affords the privilege of early voting I was up early this morning and made my way to an early voting site. There were few people there but I did not go to meet people. I have been looking over these past years at the demise of a country and that is wholly against the reason I served in the United States Marine Corps. Even more importantly, today I voted for freedom not so much because of my patriotism, and that is not to be taken lightly, but because I am a child of the Most High God.

A little history might provide some insight as to my decision. You see our founding fathers, even while some were Deists and others not following Christendom at all, saw that our rights and liberties were not an idea of man nor do they come from man. Rather our fathers had the good sense to not that our rights our endowed upon us by our Creator and if our Creator endowed us with those rights then man has no power to remove those rights. It is for this reason that I could not vote against what I stand for rather I chose to vote for freedom.

John 8:36 reads “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” But what is this freedom all about? What is the freedom that the Scripture speaks of that must be lived out not only in our way of life but in the way I voted today.  You see, today as I made my way to the polls I was thinking about the vote I was to make. No, I did not consider why I donned a Marine Corps uniform yet freedom was on my mind. This is why today I voted for freedom.

Jesus came and dies on the cross so that we could be free from sin. He also died so that we could be free from oppression. So, today I voted in favour of both. I have to stand by the Scripture in matters of morality so I voted in keeping to God’s Word. It matters not what other preachers may say nor does it matter what others may do. God has set the moral standard and by that standard I will stand. So, I voted today for freedom to celebrate morality God’s way. But my choices did not stop there. More decisions had to be made so I looked toward the decision of oppression

decided I would vote for freedom from oppression.  No more do I want to be bound by oppressive regulations which tell me which light bulb I must have or what anything else I must have. No, I want not to live in oppression rather I choose to live free. This is why I, today, made my vote for freedom.

Milton Brunson said it like this; “I am free, praise the Lord I’, free. No longer bound, no more chains holding me. Soul is resting, it’s just another blessing. Praise the Lord, Halleluiah I’m free.” I, like the Hebrew children desire to be free. I do not want to serve God by the mandates of a dictator rather I want to celebrate Jesus at any time and any where my heart desires. I do not want to pretend that right is wrong and that wrong is right instead I choose to walk in the freedom of God’s Word. So, when I walked to the polling place today my heart was fixed and my mind was made up; my choice today was a vote for freedom.

2 thoughts on “Today I Voted For Freedom

  1. Kevin Winfree

    May God continue to bless you Sir and bless the freedom we all take for granted. I pray that this country continues to grow inspite of the last four years and make the next four years a turning point from which we may enjoy continued prosperity, recovery and gains in love for one another as well as economic growth that raises the tide for all Americans.
    God bless the United States of America and God bless Liberty University.

    1. Thank you Sir for those encouraging words. many have becomes dismayed over these past few years but my determination has been bolstered on number of fronts. I have fought for freedom on two levels, the military and as a Christian, and I am not ready to throw in the towel. As a matter of fact I have righteous indignation when I consider what I see going on. So, I believe that there will be soon coming a revival in this land that will turn us all back to God.

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