The Matter of Giving

I find this text in Exodus 30 interesting: 14 Every one that passeth among them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give an offering unto the Lord.

15 The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less than half a shekel, when they give an offering unto the Lord, to make an atonement for your souls.

Everyone seems to have been required to give the same amount no matter how much they had or did not have. Everyone was required to contribute. I wonder what would happen if we, as a nation, followed this simple godly principle. No, it is not merely a principle rather a mandate.

4 thoughts on “The Matter of Giving

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  2. Aloha Preacher Carter,

    Interesting that you once had a ministry at the City of Refuge. My husband and I visited there some 20 years with a friend who lived in Captain Cook. We just had a weekend at Waikoloa for another annual Hawaii Credit Union convention where a vote by the delegates, restored invocation to the opening assembly. My husband Drgold voiced strong objections that Invocation was taken away by one complaint this year. Now next year and every succeeding year, Invocation will be an important part of requesting God’s continued blessings upon our credit unions and economy.

    BTW, have you done any more teachings on GIVING?

    ~Liz ‘God’s Enduring Love’
    ~Drgold ‘God’s Hidden Truths-‘

    1. Greetings,

      Thank you for reading. I truly enjoyed being part of the City of Refuge. It was a great place to learn and grow. I have not done any more teachings on giving but if you have some interest in that please let me know. We can certainly work something out.

      God Speed.

      1. My husband Drgold has many Bible studies, but hasn’t posted one on ‘Giving’ yet. We both believe in cheerful giving, giving as God places on your heart who to give to, where to give, and what to give and have scriptures to support this way of giving. We do not believe tithing is a commandment for New Testament believers.

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