The Jaundiced Eye of Racism

     It needs to be said even before the heart of this essay is addressed that some will find some of the discussion offensive. However there will be neither vulgar words used nor any profanities. With that said a much used term will be properly employed in this discussion to make the point necessary to not only bring about good discussion but to drive at the heart of what seeks to tear apart this great nation. Political correctness will not be the driver of this message rather the love of God will be employed to draw men from that which seeks to harm us all.

     I count myself to have been very fortunate on the most part. As a young man of eighteen years I became an active duty member of the USMC. While in boot camp I learned to live with all kinds of people. None of us had the liberty of any type of segregation by way of skin colour. In fact there was a certain mantra in the Marine Corps presenting the idea that in the Marine Corps there were only two colours; dark green and light green. In other words racism had no room in the Corps. This was a wonderful thing because as I was eventually stationed in Hawaii where I learned to work with many other people groups.

     In 1984 I was stationed aboard the USS Belleau Wood whereon I visited a number of nations in the Western Pacific. Among those nations were the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Okinawa and Australia. There is one thing that stands out in my mind in respect to the many people I have been blessed to meet and that is that people, no matter where they are, are people are people. Even more those people, despite their physical appearances, were still people. They all eat, breath and bleed. Many were even Christians and had no problems celebrating Christianity in the open with whoever chose to celebrate with them.

     Yet in my beloved country, the United States of America, many have jaundiced eyes and see people through the fallacy of superficial conditions which have no bearing on the status of the heart of the people concerned. For instance Black males are often referred to as “niggers” while White males are referred to as “crackers.” While some Blacks may well be niggers, and some whites as well, no Whites are crackers. Now, I know some explanation is needed so let us understand what a “nigger” is and what a “cracker” is.

     While the term “nigger” has often be attributed to Black people at large it really has nothing, at least historically, to do with the pigmentation of a person. Rather the term, when properly applied, has much to do with the deleterious attitude of ignorance which seeks to demean others that may appear different from themselves. That is to say that a nigger is to be determined by the condition of one’s heart rather than by his physical appearance. On the other hand a “cracker” is not a person at all rather it is flat, crispy piece of bread that is very good with peanut butter and jelly or some cheese.

     The problem is that way too many today have followed the false narrative of the George Zimmerman case following the killing Travon Martin. Much of the news media wanted the killing to be racially motivated so that Mr. Zimmerman was referred to as a “white Hispanic” which was a term never before employed in describing people. Even worse, race hustlers such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton further bolstered the false narrative of racism if only to line their own pockets with filthy lucre. This case had nothing to do with racism and to suggest otherwise is purely to stoke the flames of racism that seeks only to cause a greater divide in this nation.

     The jaundiced eye of racism really does not see clearly. It is infected with the disease of hatred and ignorance. This diseased malignancy needs to not only be eradicated but also permanently destroyed so that it can no longer impair this nation. Racism is a danger to the individual racists as well as those around them. It operates on old wives’ tales as well as fables even while it seeks more and more reasons to harm those that appear different to them. So, let’s just set the record straight for once and for all.

     Most Blacks are not niggers, no Whites are crackers, Jews at large are not money grabbers; Asians are not thieves and so on. We are all the children of God which is evident in John 3:16 which shows that God loved the entire world so that He sent His Son into the world so that none would have to parish. Yet the jaundiced eye of racism shows Jesus in whatever ethnicity race hustlers choose to present Him. God created us as human beings thereby welcoming all into His gracious arms.

     The ministry of reconciliation is a ministry for all Christians. Let’s stand strong on the Word of God and stand one with another. The idea of the Black church and the White church are ludicrous to the extent that the Church has been divided by reason of ethnicity. It is ridiculous and uncalled for. Let us reconcile one with another, pray for the healing of those inflicted with the jaundiced eye of racism as we work to restore man to the love that was always intended by God our Father.

Keeping Focus

Distraction seems to be the order of the day in this modern society. There are multitudes of things going on contemporaneously with other multitudes of things. Lies are made to cover lies while the truth is hidden under barrages of misinformation and distractions that are in place only to pull away from the truth. These distractions are found in the judicial systems, political conversations, and even the church.

One prominent distraction is the George Zimmerman Case of Sanford, Florida. Here we have a young man that was killed and the reason for his death is not the point of this discussion. Rather the point is the number of distractions on every level that have pulled from the main of what many have argued should have never gone to court. No matter the reason for the sensationalizing of this tragic incident distractions were multiplied when our president injected himself into a local matter declaring that if he had a son he would “look like” Travon.[1]  With this, the distraction of racism was propelled into a matter that had nothing to do with racism. Yet it seems that the real distraction of this case has nothing to do with the case at all rather (at least in the eyes of this writer) it was used to distract from political problems facing the White House. More specifically this case was used to pull attention away from what happened in Benghazi.

In Benghazi, four United States citizens were killed but the cover-ups came before the actual killings. Yet the attention needed to bring forth the truth of what truly happened has been nullified time and time again. Even more, the reason for the killings was blamed on an obscure video that had nothing to do with the terrorist attack that occurred at the U.S. Consulate. This very act of war was covered up and covered up again to hide the truth of what may have really been going on. The fact is that the killings quite possibly had something to do with the sale of arms[2] but the fact of this is politically troublesome to some so this had to be covered. Even so, this is just part of the problems with the deceit that continues in the attack on our nation and the killing of people who should now be alive. So the false premise of the Zimmerman case truly served to take the focus off the real problems going on in the Federal Government which is why the Justice Department sent staffers to lobby against Mr. Zimmerman.[3]

While this type of activity is expected in the secular world it has no business in the household of faith. Yet in the “church” many scandalous things are forcing the faithful to lose focus of the Gospel. The intent of the Gospel is to present the good news of Jesus the Christ temporarily leaving His heavenly throne to reach out to the lost in order to restore a right relationship with God. Anything other than this is a distraction that pulls from the truth of the Word of God. The distractions cause jaundiced vision thereby pulling from the truth of holiness. This is done with a number of mediums under the guiles of reaching lost souls.

For instance, there are many programs that go on in church buildings today. Coupled with the programs are multiplicities of ministries. Many of these so called ministries are geared to reach the young. The problem is that these programs not only do not reach the young for salvific purposes but that many of these very ministries and programs actually present a double standard in that they fall short of teaching scriptural truths. Instead, the distraction of tickling itching ears has been employed. Further complicating the matter is the idea that prosperity is the main goal of Christian living. With this many are on a “prosperity” kick suggesting that if a Christian is not rich then he is not in the will of God. The problem is that this is not only a distraction but also an absolute lie.

I Corinthians 15:58 is an indication of how well the Christian should be focused on the things of God. The text reads,” Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” The idea here is an unwavering determination to move forward despite contrary winds or any other opposition. It further presents the idea, particularly in respect to the word “steadfast”, of one that refuses to relinquish his seat by reason of political, legal or feel good convenience. It is one doing work as ordained by God in order to reach those that would hear the truth of the Gospel. Being steadfast and unmoveable means that there is no way the seated one will relinquish his seat.

The point is that Christians ought not to lose focus.  Christianity is not about faux programs and ministries that do nothing more than tickle itchy ears. Instead, Christians need to keep focus on the task at hand without the fallacy of false truths rearing its deceitful head. Christianity is not about succumbing to the expedient rather it is about upholding the standard of the Most High. As such Christians must dispel the idiosyncratic and uphold holiness by keeping focus.