Gonna Keep on Preaching

The fact is that some things going on in this country are rather disheartening. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right. Those of us who stand for righteousness are called everything except the children of God. The ungodly are getting louder and louder as institutions such as the Supreme Court provide license to ventures that God has called an abomination. With the lawlessness of the Supreme Court and the will of some to tear at the fabric of this nation it seems to me that those choosing righteousness and holiness need not kowtow to the moral decadents of the day. It is my hope that many will stand with me because I am gonna keep on preaching the Word of the Most High God.

A couple years ago I was told that I rail too much against homosexuality. I was preaching against the abomination in writing and behind the pulpit. I could see the agenda manifesting itself to what is now an acceptance of this act by many. The problem is that this acceptance of wrong is nothing new. For instance, lies have been accepted by many because to some lies can be protective. Well, the protective nature of lies has yet to be determined. The fact is that God is not One who takes well to lies and has declared that all liars shall have their place in the lake that burns with fire (Revelation 21:8). The interesting thing is the text states that “all” liars will have their part in lake of fire. Hence, I am compelled to and I am gonna keep preaching on the danger of lying.

The matter of lies does not hold a lot of steam insofar as political correctness goes. It seems that all know it is wrong and many choose to live a life of lies. Consider, for instance, Bruce Jenner (I’m about to get in trouble now). Here is a man of renown deciding that he is no longer a male rather he is a female. There is little doubt by those with just a little discernment that this man has been troubled for a number of years. There is hurt and pain hidden well below the cloak of his transgender disguise. God made him a wonderful man yet he decided that he would be bold and come out of the “closet” as a woman. He has been hailed as brave and heroic for such revelation. Unfortunately his hurt and pain are still there. This is not to mention the fact that his gender “change” smacks God in the face. This, at the very root, is uncleanness to which God is not pleased.

Now, the Supreme Court must be highlighted again. This time a look at the Affordable Care Act (what a misnomer) was placed before the Court. The questions surrounding subsidies was at hand. The plain language of the law was apparent yet the members of the Court decided the law did not mean what was plainly written. As such, the Court essentially rewrote the law. Dare I say, and I am no lawyer, it is not the job of the Court to rewrite law rather it is purposed to interpret law in light of the Constitution. This did not happen in the opinion of the majority.  Instead the Court decided what the intent was ignoring what was written. This is lawlessness at its core.

Now we have a country torn. There are some that have taken up arms against those with whom they disagree. Consider the murders most recently in South Carolina. There was no reason for this young man to kill except that his unfounded hatred began to control his actions. The problem is that he is not alone. Christians are targeted on many fronts and this seems ok in the eyes of some. However, if there is one word said against Islam all of a sudden the world is in turmoil. Well, I have not time to worry about the social nuances of the day. I have to uphold the Gospel no matter who is offended. While it is not my intention to offend anyone the Gospel is an offense to those who choose to live contrary to its standard. Yes, I’m gonna keep on preaching not just behind the pulpit but also in the life I live.

The word of God clearly says that homosexuality is wrong in both the Old and New Testaments. This does not matter to some though. After the Supreme Court’s opinion was made public there was some that took to dancing in the streets in celebration of this ungodly declaration. Well, another problem has arisen that many will not even touch. Well, I have no choice and I’m gonna keep on preaching. You see, Galatians 5:21 warns against revellings and things like unto it. Revelling is the drunken public celebrations of immorality. How many times have we seen homosexuals celebrate with little to no clothes on which would otherwise be counted as indecent? Well, enough is enough. I have had my fill of social issues of the day seeking to tell me what to preach and what not to preach.

I am gonna keep on preaching the Gospel no matter what is said. I have already had horrendous things said about me and all I have done is repeat the Scripture. Galatians goes on to show that those that celebrate a number of offenses will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Those are not my words rather the Word of the Holy Writ. I will not attempt to pacify nor will I seek to appease. I have been called to preach the Gospel without compromise and as such I’m gonna keep on preaching. Is there anybody preaching with me?

Sick and Tired of Attacks on Christmas

Yea, I know that Christ was not born December 25th more than two thousand years ago. That is no reason not to recognize our Lord and Saviour. And, despite the ridiculous ranting of Jamie Foxx Jesus Christ is Lord and it is because of Him that we live and move and have our being. This is the reason I celebrate what has been deemed Christmas Day; it is not that I celebrate Jesus on this day alone but I find reason to give Him homage because had He not been born He could not have died. As such His death is the reason I live.

Having said that the atheist, like cockroaches in the night, find this time of the year to attack not merely Christmas Day but also the reason for the season; Jesus. I have had my fill of a few coming against the Christ that has given me life. Yes, I am sick and tired of those that choose not Christ working to tell me that I should celebrate Jesus in private because “religion” has no place in the public sphere. Well, Christians do celebrate in private but it is also necessary to worship God openly and in public so that others can see the God in us. Even more Christ mandated that Christians go into the world and teach the Gospel. So, if the atheists don’t want to hear about the God that loved them so much that He sent His only Son to die for them then they need not listen.

Now, I have to wonder how many of these atheist will come against Islam? I wonder if they have an aversion to Muhammad who took issue with Christianity?  Did they really study the founder of Islam to find that he was married to multiple wives the youngest of whom was nine years of age when he took her to wife? What about the hate spewed by the Islamists that see Christians and Jews as the infidel?   Why is it that Christians must be so maligned no matter what?

Well, you know what? I am sick and tired of those that attack the Holy One. I grow weary of seeing Him crucified over and over again simply because many have chosen to hate rather than give in to His everlasting love. I would that I could turn these stony hearts to hearts of flesh but if those that loathe Christianity because their own idiosyncratic reasoning choose not to celebrate then I might suggest that you go loathe in private just as you think that Christianity should be celebrated in private. Even more, we that are Christians don’t condemn the godless merely because they are godless rather we realize that but for the grace of God we too would be godless.

Yes, this is my rant. It has been forced upon my hand. You see, my first name is an old German one which means “bold protector.” As such I stand tall and strong in defense of my Lord and Savior. Were it not for the fact that Jesus was born to die I would stand no chance. It is in Him that I live and move and have my being therefore I really don’t care if I offend because I celebrate Jesus. You see, He has done more for me than I could ever do for myself and because of His love for me I cannot, no, I will not deny Him.

Yes, I am sick and tired of the attacks on Christmas but you can bet your boots that I will not give in, I will not be made ashamed and I will not stop sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ MY Lord and Savior.

I bid all a Merry Christmas as we usher in the day we celebrate the incarnation of the only Begotten Son of the living God Jesus the Christ!