Relenting is Not an Option

I have to say that it is really getting personal now. The attacks on Christians and Christianity are an unbearable truth. Christians in countries highly influenced by Islamic terrorists are being killed as though they are bugs on the floor. They are being beheaded merely because they are Christians. College students are also being attacked by those seeking to please Allah. They are shown no mercy only because they have chosen to worship and serve the One and only God. All this is going on while other Christians are forced to denounce the Holy One or suffer dire consequences.

As if this were not sad enough activities in the United States are not much better. Consider the Indiana and Arkansas laws which are but a mirror of Federal law instituted about twenty years ago. The laws have nothing to do with discrimination and all to do with the enforcement of the 1st Amendment. Yet many were riled by the gross misconception (or ignoring of the facts) that the laws were the target of homosexuals. Out of this the attacks on Christians were such that at least on pizza establishment was forced to close its doors at least temporarily.[1] And there are other attacks on Christians. These attacks are legal and political and serve only to shame Christians.[2]

Well, I have had more than I am willing to take. I am weary of the President bemoaning Christians while extolling Muslims.[3] If Mr. Obama is the Christian he purports to be why does he not defend Christianity? Why is the Muslim prayer at sunset the most beautiful thing that falls on his ears?  Why, does the good President, not extol the virtues of Christianity above all? Perhaps, and only perhaps, he enjoys Islam above the teachings of Christ. Well, I have had enough and I will not relent on the virtuosity of the Gospel. Relenting is not an option!

Scriptural texts clearly show that Christians will suffer persecution. Even more, Christians are not promised an easy time. The God-head new in advance these things would be which is, in part, why the Holy Spirit was sent. Nonetheless, Christians are encouraged to stand in the face of adversity. Ephesians 6:13, “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” This text clearly shows that there will be opposition to Christians. The Christian is not to be unprepared rather; he is to be ready in the face of opposition.

Consider two significant words in this text, “evil day.” There is no doubt that these are evil days. Right is wrong and wrong has become right. The less than two percent of homosexuals in this nation are all but discriminated against yet they hold themselves as being beaten and downtrodden. Frankly, I am vehemently opposed to homosexuality even while I embrace those that are entangled by this unseemly (Romans 1:27) behavior. As Christians we are called to love and love has much to do with doing what is right even in the face of apparent wrongs.

Just as it is wrong to steal, cheat, lie and commit adultery it is also wrong to commit homosexuality. Furthermore the Constitution clearly provides Christians the right to celebrate Jesus without retribution.  However this has not stopped special interest and political detractors from doing all to silence Christians. Well, I will not be silent. I will not give in to the pressures of political correctness. I refuse to lay down the standard of holiness because some choose to live contrary to God’s Word. I will not give up and I will certainly not give in. Relenting is not an option!




Again I Voted for Freedom

Yes, I did it again. I found my way to the early voting polling place recently. You have heard the story of how I did this very same thing in Baltimore a couple years ago. Yes, I voted early because I bemoan those long lines and loud people. What I bemoan even more is the lack of freedom that some seek to impose on this wonderful nation. With that I had no choice but to return to the polls as had been in the past in order to cast my mark for freedom. Yet before my vote was cast I paid attention to what was going on. I listened to the arguments of the contestants and knew that again I had to vote for freedom.

This is another matter that had to be taken personally. This is because there remain some in these United States of America that choose not freedom. Consider the many fights over individuals flying the United States flag on their property. This is a flag that resembles a free land. The red stands for the shed blood of those before us while the white stands for the purity of a free people and the blue for the loyalty of same. Well, I have had my fill of those who attack those choosing to express patriotism by flying the flag of the United States of America. That is a flag that I joined the Marine Corps to fight for. It is that flag that I learned to respect as a boy scout. It is because of the flag that I again voted for freedom.

As important as that flag is there is one thing more important than the flag that some want to trample upon. You see not only I am a natural born citizen of the United States I am also a staunch Christian to which I make no apologies. The Bible is in fact the Word of God and it is upon that Word that I stand. And when some tell me that I have to keep my Christian worldview to myself my freedom is greatly infringed upon. Even more Romans 6:7 declared that “He who the Son has set free is free indeed.” Well, I choose to walk in that freedom. I choose to wear that freedom on my sleeve and I will not hold back the truths of the word of God simply because some choose not freedom. While I love my country I love my God even more so once again I voted for freedom.

There is another document that affords me freedom. In fact much of the freedom by this document comes from the freedom of the Word of God. The Constitution of the United States of America specifically affords the citizens (not illegal immigrants) specific freedoms and specifically limits the government. A big government is not the mark of a free people rather a small government that allows freedom to live and breathe without the hand of a tyrannical government making and forcing decisions that have nothing to do with freedom. My vote went toward a small manageable government not one seeking to dictate my every move. Yes, I enjoy the freedom to worship and all other freedoms afforded by the Constitution so that again I voted for freedom.

In order to have freedom one must first have life. If life is prematurely snuffed out then there is no freedom. This is why I stand for those who would be killed before they are born. These people are not choices rather that are human beings that have been formed in the wombs of their mothers. How dare we decide who should live and who should die? How dare we abort simply because that new life would be an imposition? That unborn person deserves to be free and for that unborn person I voted. Life and freedom most definitely go hand in hand so again my vote was cast for freedom.

Economic freedom is another that only builds a strong people. The idea of raising the minimal wage (for which no such idea can be found in the Constitution) serves only to push some out of employment while raising the costs of goods and services. That is not freedom. That will only pull freedom from some and redistribute wealth to those who were pushed out of the work force. Instead I voted for the freedom of the free market wherein businesses are not over taxed. I voted for the freedom of hardworking people setting the course for their only lives. I voted for the freedom of energy independence. I voted for a nation to be prosperous and competitive in every possible way. I will not give in to the idea that economic freedom is tantamount to the love of money. So because I want economic freedom for me and mine again I voted for freedom.

The list of freedoms I voted for are nearly endless. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and the entire Godhead and I will fight for the freedom to worship until I can fight no more. I love my country and vowed to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. I voted to secure the freedom of a free loving people so I encourage one and all to join me in not just a right but also a responsibility as again I voted for freedom!

Taking a Stand

     Recently Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator, took to the Senate floor in Washington D.C.  He did not take to the floor because he had nothing else to do. In fact Paul had no plans of filibustering. But he had had enough with lies, untruths and misleading insinuations in respect to the use of drones and the prospective Central Intelligence Agency director’s view of such practices. His stand on the Senate floor was a stand to return to The Constitution and the principles which it holds.

     After nearly thirteen hours Paul’s stand proved to be effective. Some have asked questions regarding the constitutionality of the use of drones at best the answers were evasive. So, Paul sought to take a stand for The Constitution and a victory was won. The report is that:

The filibuster was a tactical win. Paul delayed the vote on Brennan because he was seeking White House clarification on what limits they believe the law places on the use of drones to kill Americans. He got his answer. Attorney General Eric Holder promptly sent a response on Thursday. During his afternoon briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney emphasized that the administration had responded to Paul. “The answer to that question is no,” Mr. Carney reiterated.[1]

      With this evidence of taking a stand for what is right won out. But Paul is not the only one taking a stand for The Constitution. Many sheriffs are up in arms about the very idea that some politicians are working tirelessly to strip the rights of the people to “keep and bear arms” (U.S. Constitution, Article 2). The false premise is to protect the children in wake of the slaughter of many at one school. And while no one will argue against the tragic loss of all human lives had there been one person properly trained and armed those lives might have been saved. Nonetheless employing the Sandy Hook tragedy into the “gun control” discussion is within itself tragic. Even so many are standing for The Constitution.

      A number of politicians are seeking a number of ways to greatly limit this absolute right. For instance the State of Maryland presently has in place regulations stating that one needs to prove that he needs to carry a firearm before being given a permit. With this regulation in place the courts have determined that the requirement is too stringent and needs to fall more in line with The Constitution. As of this writing necessary changes have yet to be made but some are standing for The Constitution. So, too, are the sheriffs in Nevada. They refuse to give in to the political overtures of those that seek only to strengthen their own hands of power rather they stand firmly for The Constitution. The report is that “Stating they support citizens’ right to bear arms, the Nevada Sheriff’s Association last week issued a letter signed by all 17 sheriffs declaring their intention to uphold the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”[2]

      Along the same lines Sheriff James Singleton refuses to relent to winds that would tear at the very fundamental values that have kept this nation strong for more the two centuries. He is taking a stand by upholding The Constitution and has made that very clear with these words:

 That oath has not changed, nor have I wavered in my promise to keep that oath. And as long as I am your sheriff, I will continue to uphold that oath. My deputies and I “will not support, assist or condone any unconstitutional infringement of your right to keep and bear arms as set forth in the Second Amendment.

Changes in our laws do need to be made to keep criminals and the mentally impaired from being able to obtain firearms. So many times people with mental problems wind up in jail on some petty charge until someone can find a place for treatment. Jail is not the place for persons with mental issues.[3]

     Many applauds are made for those that hold to the truism of a great and wonderful nation. Stands certainly need to be made and those that stand for what is right deserve utmost accolades. But whatever happened to those that are supposed to uphold the standards of Scripture? Where are those that confess that they trust in the Most High? Is there a reason unbeknownst to the general populous that would cause the otherwise brave-hearted to retreat to a world of passivity and apathy? While these are certainly rhetorical questions the fact of the matter is that it is high time for Christians to take a stand.

     Ephesians 6:12-14 reads, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness.” In this the evidence shows that the Christian will face certain contrary winds. The winds will come from the ungodly as well as the unrighteous. Opposition comes from the spiritual realm as well as the natural. Despite this the Christian is encouraged to stand and then stand again.

     Much like The Constitution the Word of God is under attack. There are many that want God out of the picture as they want The Constitution to be nonexistent. Yet God is not to be ignored. He is and will continue to be. Nevertheless Christians need to take a stand. The stand is upholding that which is true and right. It is not compromising because of the lack of popularity, or the appearance thereof, of the Standard rather it is holding fast in the face of what seeks to tear down that which is true. It is holding onto the vow to serve God even if it means our own demise. After all if the Christian is in fact a disciple of God then he is a martyr. Taking a stand means that there is none more important than that which is stood for. It is high time that passivity and apathy became things of the past and that the Christian put on his boots and take a stand!