This Christmas

Over the more than five decades of my life, I have had more than ample opportunity to examine the way Christmas is celebrated. It has grown from the appreciation of Jesus becoming incarnate and early morning services to extreme commercialization. And while there is nothing wrong with the exchange of gifts and sitting around the table with for a well-prepared feast, I wonder what would happen if this Christmas there would be a focus on the true reason for the season.

John 3:16 clearly shows an expression of God’s love. There was a divide between God and man by reason of man’s sin. For centuries God worked on His plan to bridge that divide. It would take a sacrifice that only the Godhead could make. It meant that God would have to send His only begotten Son into the world as the way to restore a broken relationship. This meant that the Son would have to lay aside somewhat of His attributes of Deity in order to walk with man. This Christmas is no different than that first celebration of the Christ more than two thousand years ago.

So, this Christmas it might be prudent to consider the restorative power of the incarnate Christ. Consider how absolute healing can be secured if that same Christ was born afresh in our hearts. No, there is no suggestion that families should remain apart rather the converse is the case. You see Christ came to restore a broken relationship. In this is the ministry of Christ, restoration. It is also a ministry that should be celebrated within families as there are many broken families. These gaps need to be bridged in that the ministry of reconciliation should reside in us all. This Christmas can be a Christmas of healing which reaches far beyond immediate families.

This Christmas let restoration reach beyond families into our communities. Once the healing of restoration begins in families then communities will begin to feel the impact. The reciprocation will not stop there instead neighborhoods, cities and states will begin to understand what restoration is about. Now, this will not be an easy move in that it will require significant sacrifice. Consider the sacrifice of Immanuel. He had to leave everything He knew in order to restore brokenness. It was not easy yet the challenge did little to prevent this Holy One from humbling himself in order to reach out to man in the form of man. This is reconciliation. This is the story of Christmas. This Christmas let us reach out to heal and restore even when convenience is not in order. This Christmas let us keep the Christ of reconciliation in Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Sick and Tired of Attacks on Christmas

Yea, I know that Christ was not born December 25th more than two thousand years ago. That is no reason not to recognize our Lord and Saviour. And, despite the ridiculous ranting of Jamie Foxx Jesus Christ is Lord and it is because of Him that we live and move and have our being. This is the reason I celebrate what has been deemed Christmas Day; it is not that I celebrate Jesus on this day alone but I find reason to give Him homage because had He not been born He could not have died. As such His death is the reason I live.

Having said that the atheist, like cockroaches in the night, find this time of the year to attack not merely Christmas Day but also the reason for the season; Jesus. I have had my fill of a few coming against the Christ that has given me life. Yes, I am sick and tired of those that choose not Christ working to tell me that I should celebrate Jesus in private because “religion” has no place in the public sphere. Well, Christians do celebrate in private but it is also necessary to worship God openly and in public so that others can see the God in us. Even more Christ mandated that Christians go into the world and teach the Gospel. So, if the atheists don’t want to hear about the God that loved them so much that He sent His only Son to die for them then they need not listen.

Now, I have to wonder how many of these atheist will come against Islam? I wonder if they have an aversion to Muhammad who took issue with Christianity?  Did they really study the founder of Islam to find that he was married to multiple wives the youngest of whom was nine years of age when he took her to wife? What about the hate spewed by the Islamists that see Christians and Jews as the infidel?   Why is it that Christians must be so maligned no matter what?

Well, you know what? I am sick and tired of those that attack the Holy One. I grow weary of seeing Him crucified over and over again simply because many have chosen to hate rather than give in to His everlasting love. I would that I could turn these stony hearts to hearts of flesh but if those that loathe Christianity because their own idiosyncratic reasoning choose not to celebrate then I might suggest that you go loathe in private just as you think that Christianity should be celebrated in private. Even more, we that are Christians don’t condemn the godless merely because they are godless rather we realize that but for the grace of God we too would be godless.

Yes, this is my rant. It has been forced upon my hand. You see, my first name is an old German one which means “bold protector.” As such I stand tall and strong in defense of my Lord and Savior. Were it not for the fact that Jesus was born to die I would stand no chance. It is in Him that I live and move and have my being therefore I really don’t care if I offend because I celebrate Jesus. You see, He has done more for me than I could ever do for myself and because of His love for me I cannot, no, I will not deny Him.

Yes, I am sick and tired of the attacks on Christmas but you can bet your boots that I will not give in, I will not be made ashamed and I will not stop sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ MY Lord and Savior.

I bid all a Merry Christmas as we usher in the day we celebrate the incarnation of the only Begotten Son of the living God Jesus the Christ!